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I create tactile forms, inspired by the natural and infinite sculpting of the earth.  As eons of water gradually sculpt rocks, I create smoothed recessions that nod at these geological wonders and the passage of time. Known as Terraforms, this series of sculptures begin first as a hollow clay pod, then slow inward forces of pushing and tapping shape the curvature. The circular, repetitive motions used to sculpt are similar to the act of holding a stone, soothing a tension and connecting to the earth.

The surface finish on my ceramic sculptures consists primarily of ground mica I sourced in Spruce Pine. While living in Asheville finishing my B.F.A. in ceramics, I made several trips to the mica-laden stream beds of Mitchell County.  Picking each shining flake from the cold, clear water is an experience of sensory overload, reminding me of youth and the barefoot days in the red mica-laden clay of Barton's creek behind my Raleigh home. 

The bronze work is without the delicate mica surface so it can live outdoors where my inspirations were first conceived in permanence, grace and peace in nature. Layered patinas are used to illustrate wear from touch and sun.